5 Things COVID-19 Taught Us About Workplace Design

5 Things COVID-19 Taught Us About Workplace Design - Working Spaces

How COVID-19 Changed the Way We Look at Corporate Office Design

The COVID-19 pandemic has challenged businesses in new ways; primarily, to develop a COVID-safe workplace design and policy to keep employees healthy, engaged, and connected. 

At Working Spaces, we helped many of our clients navigate their way through this pandemic, offering guidelines and an essential blueprint for a safe return to the office. Here are 5 core takeaways we learned about corporate office design:


1 – Employees Need Their Own Space in the Office

While collaborative spaces are great for large projects, employees need private areas where they can answer the phone, get involved in personal projects, and enjoy a little quiet time. Private areas are also essential for offices that practice social distancing. Many employees might not feel safe if they’re exposed to dozens of people all day. Also, they may not be able to focus if their environment is too loud or busy.


2 – Employees Need Collaborative Spaces

In the same breath, employees need collaborative areas if the office doesn’t have one already. Working alone in cubicles all day can make a person feel isolated, which can increase levels of depression and decrease productivity. Offices should seek to incorporate group spaces as well as individual cubicles so employees have a space to spread out and socialize.


3 – Office Furniture Matters

Employees need furniture such as desks, chairs, stations, pods, and other types of environments that cater to a variety of learning and working styles. Not everyone wants a cubicle, and not everyone wants a reclining chair. 

Fortunately, innovative brands from Kimball International put the employee’s wellbeing and happiness a priority – not an afterthought. Working together in Perfect Harmony, our family of furniture solutions can cater to any and every employee’s needs, regardless of the workplace challenge. 


4 –  High-Quality Office Design isn’t a Luxury – It’s a Necessity

Most employees could be expected to use their office furniture about 40 hours a week. Companies need quality, long-lasting furniture with thoughtful designs that allow them to combat unexpected challenges, like the COVID-19 pandemic.


5 – The Office Matters

The office isn’t just a place where employees come to work every day. The office is where employees socialize, make connections, and further their careers. Companies need to invest in their employees’ health and happiness with thoughtful design that makes going to work something they look forward to – not simply a place where they collect a paycheck.

The COVID-19 pandemic has transformed the way that people think about the office, both employers and employees alike. With the great migration back to the office, smart design makes all the difference in creating a safe, comfortable, inspiring environment where people can get their best work done.

Working Spaces provides products and solutions for companies who want to create a safe, inspiring environment for their employees. Our services include consulting, design, financing, budget, project management, and more, enabling businesses to increase their productivity and ease the transition from home to office. Contact us to learn how we can transform your business today.