Creating Culture In The Workplace

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In today’s fast-paced environment, innovation is an essential component of any company’s success. But many companies, especially as they begin to scale, become laser-focused on achieving operational efficiency. Projects and design additions that live inside an excel sheet as a creative or experiential line item are often cut. But it is these elements that are key to fueling culture in the workplace.

So how do you foster innovation? First, it’s imperative to understand how you want team members to feel when they walk into the office each day. You also need to think about first impressions – what will new clients or prospective business partners feel when they enter your space? From the second someone arrives into your space they will make emotional decisions that can affect productivity or their desire to work with you.

How your workspace looks and feels can also create a scalable culture. If you want to attract and retain the best talent, you need to provide them with a space that fosters new ideas and also allows them to take risks. Freedom to play is one of the best ways a company can help manage creativity.

Design can reflect your company’s core values, and where it is headed. Your office should have spaces that are geared towards both individual and collaborative efforts. It should combine comfort with style so that people feel like they want to achieve their best every day they arrive to work. How team members operate on a day to day basis can be seriously impacted by workspace design.

At Working Spaces, we have over 20 years of experience working with clients to extract their “why.” We implement your purpose in our designs. Whether you are focused on healthcare or hospitality, its time to dig deeper and craft a work environment that will bring out the best in your talent. Often, we think that creative spaces or work culture are for startups or entertainment brands, but the truth is every sector has to find a way to inspire every day.

Our passionate Working Spaces team is ready to assist you in injecting culture into your workplace. We have four offices all versed in combining functional elements with creative impact. We handle projects of any size and always complete them on time and budget. Reach out today to start planning a space that helps your company thrive well into the next decade.