Working Spaces Inc. is excited to announce that Jordy Carter Denver has joined the Working Spaces Team. We couldn’t be more excited to welcome our latest member of the family. Now with offices in St. Louis, Columbia, MO, Kansas City and DENVER. Working Spaces has never been more equipped to handle your company’s office space challenges throughout the entire USA. Give us a call and let us show you what it means to have a truly inspiring working environment.

Some of our more recent projects done by the Denver Team


Working Spaces Denver worked closely with Mapleton School District and their partners to successfully deliver a new PK-8 school project in the summer of 2019. The 600-student mixed age format had a heavy emphasis on community and the overall design, including furniture, helped to support this mission. Each grade level has a community space between the classrooms where collaborative style and casual furniture were used to create a sense of community and create space for alternative opportunities. The student cafeteria has a café feel with booths and various height seating choices so that students could feel they were eating in a comfortable area that encouraged commination and fun. It was important for the educators that the students had choice in the classroom as well. Different types of seating options, table heights and shapes were used to give students and teachers flexibility in their learning opportunities. The project was completed on time and on budget. The project was the 5th project Working Spaces had the honor to complete with the school district.


Working Spaces Denver worked closely with Waring Associates, Cordia LLC and SteelWave to create a dramatic remodel of the lobby and common spaces at 116 Inverness.

Using the modular lounge furniture line, Pairings, from Kimball; multi-use lobby spaces were created. Within one area, there is a combination of collaborative, private meeting and private working space.

Waring had a incredible vision that Working Spaces was able to make come to life with the help of technology. Given the various finishes being used on the project, it was important to be able to visualize the project up front. The designers from Waring sat with the Working Spaces designer and applied real time finishes to a rendering program and were able to see actual finishes applied to the furniture in real time.

The overall project included lobby spaces, a cafe, break spaces, training rooms and conference rooms.



Christian Living Communities worked with Working Spaces Denver and Galloway and Company, Inc., to remodel their corporate offices. They wanted their revamped space to be fun, energetic and bright.

The remodel included private and executive offices, conference rooms, workstations, break rooms, lounge spaces, huddle rooms and training rooms. Working Spaces blended furniture from Kimball, National and Humanscale to compliment Christian Living Communities vision for this lively space.


CMS is a leader in the the storm-water management industry. They relocated their offices to South Broadway in 2014. Working Spaces Denver worked with the company to execute their specific vision and functionality for their workspace.

The company wanted to create open yet functional workspaces for its employees, with plenty of storage and worksurfaces space. The company also wanted to provide a health-conscience environment and included height adjustable worksurfaces for their staff.

Kimball Priority casegoods was the perfect solution for the project, with its clean lines, open feel and abundance of storage solutions. The product line helped to complete the modern and open work environment.

The installation included 7 workstations, 3 private offices and 4 touch down stations.


Healthgrades searched for a new location for their headquarters in Denver, as they were undergoing a rebrand to better reflect their mission of harvesting true connections between patients and providers. Jordy Carter and Elsy Design Studios were called on to design their new space.

Their space needed to reflect their new branding as well as incorporate a dynamic work environment that encourages team collaboration. Every detail and color, furniture and finish selection was intentionally selected to reflect the new branding.

The outcome of the space is a fitting and productive environment for the growing technology company, accommodating both current and future employees.


Boys and Girls Club is an organization dedicated to helping young people grow to see their full potential. With a large assortment of clubs, athletic and art programs, there are many opportunities for new knowledge and inspiration.

Jordy Carter worked closely with the architect, Noel Griffith Jr. & Associates,  and the end user to find the perfect furniture solutions for the space.

The team’s focus was on furniture that held up and appealed to the young people that would be there utilizing the space. Bright colors, intriguing shapes, and durable products were used including the Feek product from Trendway. It is a foam based product and its fun bright colors, durability, and intention for high use environments, made it perfect for the Boys and Girls Club. Other products, like the Kimball Office Dwell, created comfortable spaces for kids to curl up to read a book or play a game.

The expansion included a gymnasium, art room, staff offices, a library, meeting rooms and general gathering spaces.


Spanky’s is one of 4 projects that Jordy Carter completed with both Jordy Construction and owners, Roadhouse Hospitality Group.

The historic DU neighborhood restaurant was remodeled in 2013. The owners  updated the bar and restaurant with a fresh roadhouse menu and retro and hip new interior.

Jordy Carter worked closely with the designer to create the specific and eclectic vision for the space. The furniture adds pops of color and a retro feel to the space.

The project included a dining area, bar area, and outdoor booths and seating.  The booths were custom designed in partnership with Shafer Seating. Jordy Carter used various manufacturers to provide the custom and unique seating and bar stools.