How to Design a Flexible Office Space with Alternative Wall Construction


It is more important than ever to make smart investments when it comes to the future of your organization, but global markets, economies, and supply chains are anything but stable and dependable in our present experience. Creating flexible spaces with versatility in mind is the simple answer to this complex conundrum and is key to not only building and retaining tomorrow’s community of productive innovators, but in making the most of your current environment. How can you design flexible office space with alternative wall construction to meet your needs now and through any coming workplace changes?

Designing for Tomorrow, Today

Interestingly, it was ancient Chinese Philosopher Lao Tzu that managed to deliver the perfect, modern-day maxim with a statement made over 2,500 years ago; “a tree that is unbending is easily broken.” Now more than ever, companies need the capacity to roll with the waves of change to come out unscathed and to power forward. Workforce changes mean that employees might fill a variety of roles within the company, and the workplace must evolve to support their productivity, creativity, and the individual and collaborative endeavors required to drive the company’s success.  Smart spaces need to meet today’s needs with an eye toward the future, and alternative wall construction by Maars Living Walls and Muraflex are the perfect solution


Gone are the days with closed offices full of stick or steel framed walls wrapped in permanent, stagnant drywall. Today’s walls are versatile partitions that live and breathe along with the pulse of the company. From demountable glass partitions, demising wall systems, telescoping doors and freestanding pods to bespoke “snap-in-place” multi-purpose walls, there are an endless number of combinations to use.

Acoustic Solutions

Although collaboration is king, when it comes to your office think-tank, the demand and necessity for quiet zones in indoor spaces is staggering. Acoustic solutions contain and buffer the disruption of noisy, community areas, and can offer the complete privacy required for your finer conversations and discussions.


In our current climate, maintaining a clean and safe environment is paramount to keeping staff and clients healthy. Alternative wall construction can be stylishly clad in a variety of durable materials that are easily cleaned and stand up to regular sanitation.

Get Started by Getting Working Spaces on Your Team

The first and most important step in utilizing dynamic partitioning solutions for your commercial needs is to secure qualified, professional partners capable of guiding and managing the project. It’s one thing to tune into trending design shows and place furniture orders from catalogs, and fully another to be able to rely on a team that knows how to envision the complex configurations available for your space, to anticipate your needs now and into the future, and that informs the work with a deep understanding of your corporate culture and expectations. Working Spaces is the industry leader in creating an elevated workplace landscape and in providing the most phenomenal client experience possible through constant communication, so contact us today and let’s talk about making your vision a reality.