Virtual Working Spaces – How To Get Together In A Virtual World

virtual working spaces
One of the wonderful things about working together in an office is the comradery and connection with both your clients and fellow workers. And now, with so many working from home, a big part of that is lost.

But if your work at it and get creative, there are ways to get together, feel connected and continue that sense of energy and social collaboration. At Working Spaces we’ve been doing it for years. Here are a few things that work for us.


Not every virtual meeting has to be all business. You can still meet socially for coffee; just a chance to talk and connect. Like any virtual meeting, simply schedule a time for a virtual coffee. No business talk. Just a chance to catch up. Have everyone prepare a coffee using their favorite home-brewed brand. Add a custom mug with a story behind it. Then just relax and talk. Ask about the family and kids. Check in. Make sure everyone is ok. Understanding the big picture and issues in one’s personal life, will certainly help with business communication and being on the same page.


Ask a client or a colleague to join you for a virtual lunch. But don’t just leave it there. Call a local restaurant and have lunched delivered to your client’s home. Have it arrive 15 minute before the virtual meeting, and take care of all expenses. Do the same for you and, if there’s more than one, everyone in the group. Perhaps pick a theme and have Mexican or Italian for all. It’ a gesture of friendship and a break in the routine for everyone. It puts everyone in a good mood and allows a nice atmosphere for business or pleasure. A break from COVID, a chance to connect.


One of the added stresses of working from home can be childcare. No matter how hard you try, kids are kids. There can be a distraction or an “event” at any time. So, before a virtual meeting, have a few gifts for the kids delivered to the door of your client or friend. Perhaps coloring books or games. Something to distract the kids so everyone can focus on the work at hand. Just the gesture will score major points. And who knows? Sometimes it even works!


At the end of the day, especially on a Friday, bring everyone together for a drink – virtually of course. Set a time for everyone to meet online, pour a cocktail or glass of wine, let their hair down, relax and catch up. Now more than ever, people need connection and comradery. After a day of working alone, it’s always nice to see a smiling face. And have a laugh. Make it wine or Margarita night. Have everyone download their favorite background. Zoom and other formats have dozens of fun options. Put yourself in front of a sunset over the Pacific, or snow-covered mountains. Or push the limit and have fun. Create a background of your own.

Bottom line, simply make the effort. Even in a virtual world, creativity, good energy and leadership makes it easy to connect.