Office Innovations From Our Partners

Working Spaces - Work|Able By Kimball

Our company is proud to partner with companies that are on the forefront of office innovations. As we wrap up an incredibly transformative year for office space, we’ve used 2020 as a learning experience in how to make time in our workspace safer and more effective, while maintaining its sense of style. We rely on our distributors to provide the best furniture and design solutions for our clients. Below, we’ve listed some favorites:

Kimball Work|Able™

Especially with social distancing in effect, every inch of office space matters — including the walls. The Work|Able™ by Kimball expands healthcare offices’ usable space while helping maintain distance between people. Now, your walls can talk — with areas for writing, screens, etc.

Working Spaces - Floor Divider

Kimball Floor Divider

While offices are being retrofitted for COVID precautions, there’s no need to sacrifice safety for style. It may seem simple, but Kimball’s floor dividers are a great way to maximize your current space. The clear glass maintains a sense of openness, while also protecting individuals from airborne pathogens.

Working Spaces - Kimball Nook

Kimball Nook

Think beyond the cubicle: Kimabll’s Nook line is one part cool, one part cozy, and 100% effective for productivity! The nooks are the perfect way to add a fun area to work, collaborate, or get some alone work time. We love the sleek, modern lines of Nook which also add a touch of elegance to any space.

Working Spaces - Muraflex

MuraFlex Anti-Microbial Coating

In the COVID era (and even flu season), it’s more important than ever to stop the spread of illness in the office. Enter MuraFlex’s anti-microbial coating, which “protects the surface from microbes and human pathogens. Though these bacteria and pathogens proliferate freely on untreated surfaces, the AMC protected surfaces see pathogen life practically zeroed.” From schools, to hospitals, and even regular offices — the uses for this new technology is exciting.

As we look forward to 2021, we feel confident creating new spaces with our partners at the head of innovation and design. At Working Spaces, we are dedicated to creating incredible spaces with client experience at the center. To learn more about how we can transform ordinary spaces into Working Spaces, contact us.