The Blueprint for the Future Work Experience

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Now and for many years to come, we will navigate the global labor disruptions caused by the onset of the Coronavirus pandemic. Business trends and evolving challenges to demand and distribution are key in making operations decisions, but business and economic research and consulting firm McKinsey Global notes that additionally, “the physical dimension of work is a new factor shaping [its] future, brought to the fore by health and safety considerations.” To design a future-proof workplace in this post-Covid market, what elements need to be considered?

Remote Work

When most communities went into lockdown in early 2020, nearly every industry saw temporary, necessary shifts toward remote work. For many employees, this was a chaotic and unwelcome takeover of dining room tables, and the shift to virtual conferencing created a compromising departure from a collaborative and supportive workplace culture that ultimately decreased their productivity. However, as businesses reopen and the masses migrate back to offices, employees bring with them the expectation of comforts like easy access to outside spaces, and cozy, attractive work stations. More than ever, companies need to enlist the help of design professionals to evolve the workplace into an inviting space that reflects, shapes, and enhances the company’s culture and expectations.

Demand for Digitization

As many customers discover the convenience of shopping from home, businesses will need to keep up with their demands for improved digital access. Not only is tremendous growth expected in e-commerce, clients also source support from social media platforms. Future-ready office spaces will account for this additional desk-time by with ergonomic solutions, individual work stations for when focus is required, and spacious, comfortable common areas for creative and collaborative efforts.

Small, Flexible Workforce

By choice or necessity, some businesses have reduced their workforce, which means that many employees will juggle multiple roles within the company. Thoughtful workplace design will need to be flexible to accommodate for these occupational changes, and to support the development of the new skills required. An easy way to reimagine and repurpose an existing space is to incorporate world-class partitioning solutions like Maars Living Walls. These “flexible wall” systems come in a variety of forms and configurations like glass partitions, demountable walls, and panels with easy to clean fabric options, which provide form, function, and peace of mind.

Inspire The Innovators

One trend that is expected to accelerate is the adoption of automation, not only to limit exposure and transmission rates by reducing workplace density, but to improve efficiency and cope with variability of demand. However, those positions that cannot be turned over to machines are those involving innovation and ingenuity, and ultimately, your MVPs will be the creative-types that rely on organization and both individual and collaborative areas for the motivation to think-tank your next moves. Designing inspirational spaces that invite these pioneers back to the office can require some guidance, but is a solid investment in the future of your business; Working Spaces is exactly the partner you need to create the environment that helps staff deliver the best of your brand every day.

A Healthy Priority

All things considered, most of the future of workplace design will involve keeping both staff and clients safe and healthy. Based on the current understanding of transmission, organizations like OSHA offer multi-layered control recommendations for businesses, including ideas like staggered schedules and workspaces, improved ventilation and physical distancing. Additionally, “high-touch” and common areas like kitchens, community rooms, and commercial spaces will need to have quality, durable surfaces to withstand enhanced cleaning protocols.

Need Help Navigating the New Normal?

As you move forward, redesigning your company or office space could mean realigning the very future of your business. At Working Spaces, we are dedicated to creating a lasting partnership based on communication and collaboration to provide the creative solutions you can trust and the world-class customer experience you need. Call our experienced design experts to get started today!