Why only Select Dealers Can Provide the Full Kimball International Experience​

by | Jun 8, 2021 | Working Spaces

Why only select dealers can provide the full Kimball International Experience

Through the Kimball and National Furniture lines, Kimball International brings together the range and quality of two of the most innovative and respected furniture forces in the industry. And while the union may also provide short-term access for a slighter larger pool of dealers, only the highest Level Select Dealers such as Working Spaces will be able to provide customers with the full Kimball International customer experience.

Here’s what customers need to know.

First, there is the matter of “full” access to the full Kimball International line. Soon to be announced, only a very few select dealers, including Working Spaces, will have access to the full breadth of the amazing, expanded product line. That means if you’re not dealing with Working Spaces or another one of the highest levels select dealers, you’re missing out on seeing and choosing from the full line of products available.

Then, of course, comes experience. Not just experience in the industry, but experience and familiarity with the nuances of the brand. Part of the beauty of a line like Kimball International is that it is so dynamic the choices are literally endless. One who is new to the brand may not have had the opportunity to interact with the brand at all levels. But as a top-tier, select dealer for nearly two decades, Working Spaces has experts in all aspects of the line, and the resources to make sure each customer gets the best and fullest experience possible.

Equally important are the relationships formed over the years. There is really no replacement for knowing the right person to contact to make the process go smoothly, from early planning to final installation. Only the Highest Level Select Dealers have taken the time to develop those relationships. As a result, only select dealers like Working Spaces have a full understanding of how to provide the best possible customer experience.

Knowledge, of course, can only come with time. That includes knowledge of how to get the best support and quickest response to head off any potential problems before they emerge. From timelines to change orders, even shipping and delivery, only select dealers such as Working Spaces have the knowledge to handle fully and adeptly every issue that can pop up in the process.

And most importantly, along with full access and expert knowledge, comes pricing. Only the highest-level select dealers with the most established relationships are afforded the deepest levels of discount. Discounts that, of course, are passed on to their clients. That means, if you’re not working with a select dealer, you’re not getting the best price. Of course, there will be lots of enthusiastic promotions by newcomers excited to finally have some access to the line. But only select dealers like Working Spaces who do the largest volume will be able to offer the best prices. So, if you’re not working with a select dealer, you’re not getting the best price

It’s that simple. To get the most out of the vast, top-quality Kimball International product line, turn to those who can provide the best prices and customer experience. That makes it easy. There’s only one answer.

Working Spaces. A top level select dealer with two decades of experience, providing the top-level Kimball International customer experience.