Why the Office is the Heart of Company Culture

why the office is the heart of company culture
In just a few months, working from home has become the new normal around the world. Conference meetings are now online, there’s no more morning commute, and many offices worldwide are dark. At tech giants Facebook and Google, employees are working from home for the foreseeable future.

Although there was a general feeling of relief at the beginning of COVID-19 to not go to the office, it’s clear seven months in that certain aspects of the physical workplace environment can’t be replicated.

The Office is the Heart of Collaboration

Collaboration, collective brainstorming, and group performance all benefit from in-person interaction. While a virtual workplace can help keep teams informed and tasks moving forward, it’s exponentially difficult to replace the spark coming from an inspired and creative workspace.

What the new workplace will look like is still an evolving conversation, but companies understand the value of being in the same physical space. There’s something about a group of people working towards the same task that no Zoom meeting can quite capture. That’s because the office is the heart of company culture.

“We have to look to the past, to inform the future,” says Tim Carroll, the General Manager of Working Spaces. Working Spaces works to enhance and inspire the work culture of its clients through functional and cutting-edge design.

The Office is the Heart of Innovation

In his webinar discussing the state of the workplace, Carroll shared that even the CEO of Zoom has acknowledged that the tools needed to work from home effectively won’t be available for potentially another decade.
Innovation and collaboration are often sacrificed when employees work from home.

Carroll believes that “the seeds of the culture are created in the office space.” Without the office space, valuable mentorship opportunities for younger employees go away, and employee loyalty starts to decrease.
Design can dramatically impact the functionality of a workspace, and Tim Carroll believes that we may be on the verge of a design renaissance. It’s important to find ways to create an energized environment that encourages everyone to put their best foot forward. As the traditional work environment returns, it will be even more important to have an inspired space in line with the company culture you wish to cultivate.

The Office is the Future of Inspired Teams and Culture

Working Spaces creates unique design solutions that provide an engaging and healthy work environment. We have more than 20 years of experience creating extraordinary spaces for clients, pushing boundaries, and elevating professional settings into places of innovation and development. If you’re looking to design your work environment for the next wave of office culture, contact Working Spaces to discuss your project’s goals.